Kurasu Boxer


(暮らすボクサー Kurasu Boxer)

Debut (Manga)
Debut (Anime)
Appears in Anime
Voice actor(s) (English) Carrie .M.McEwan
Birthdate October 1
Gender Female
Age 12
Blood type O-
Classification Genin
Affiliation [1] Konohagakure
Ninja Rank Genin
Ninja Registration 0126013
Academy Grad. Age 12
[hide] Jutsu

     Box Trap Jutsu
     Soinc Boom
[hide] Weapons

            Hat of Minest

Karasu Boxer is a ninja in the village of the leaves. She is a Mime in the Boxer clan. She s a member of team Taka.


Kurasu's clan put a curse mark on her tongue, making her unable to speak, otherwise she will lose her chakra and die. She does have a sign, that with chakra she can write words and take them away easily.

She went to the academy at the same time as Towa and Riku, but never socialised with them, as she thought he inability to speak would let her down. She go to meet with them eventually, as she is in the same team as them.


She has the ability to store up huge amounts of chakra and use them to scream at high volumes, but can't use too much. She can throw pies at a great distance aswell.

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