Towa Meteor

Towa 2
(Towa Meteor/東和流星)
Manga Chapter 1#
Anime Episode 1
Appears in Anime, Manga, Game and Movie
Voice Actors
English Paul McEwan
Japanese None
Spanish None
French None
Birthdate April 14
Gender Male
  • Part I: 13 - 14
  • Part II: 17 - 18
  • Part I: 145.3 cm1.453 m

4.767 ft 57.205 in-149.5 cm1.475 m 4.839 ft 58.071 in

  • Part II: 172.0 cm-173.9 cm1.66 m

5.446 ft 65.354 in

  • Part I: 40.1 kg88.405 lb-42.0kg89.508 lb
  • Part II: 54.9 kg112.215 lb
Blood type O-
Tailed Beast 11 Tail Puppet Beast
Team Team Taka
Clan Meteor Clan
Ninja Rank

Part I - Genin

Part II - Missing Nin/Akasuki

Ninja Registration
Academy Grad. Age 13
[hide] Family

Brother - Sora

[hide] Nature Type




[hide] Jutsu

Ground Style : Rising Clones Jutsu

Ground Style : Vine Claw Jutsu

Wind Style : Tornado Buster

Fire Style : Fire Flame Bomb

Team Riwu : Tag Team Jutsu

10 Mark Seal

[hide] Weapons

Puppet : Bob


 When Towa went in the Ninja Acadamy he had one friend: Riku. All the kids made fun of him. He has no idea what his past was like, all he can remenber is that there is a lost brother of his that he wants to find. When he was 7 he was put a seal on his back: a grand 10 seal. Just Towa and his Grandma know about it.

When he graduated and got in to a team with Riku he was so happy. He took of his mask of unknown reasons and gets teamed up with a mime named Kurasu. The Sensei was named Taka Fuzei. No one knows why the sensei and Towa are rivals but Taka knew about the 10 seal it's a rumor but people from the Sand, Waves, Grass and Fire call him a 11 Tailed Monster Of Death...


He has shoulder-length blonde hair that covers the left side of his face. No-one knows why. During his time in the ninja academy, He wore a black mask, but since he graduated, he swapped the mask for the forehead protector. He wears a red top covered with a green jacket, with blue trousers.


He is very good with ground style. Ground style: Rising Clones Jutsu can make clones made from dirt. 1000 dirt clones pop out of the ground and their arms turn into Swords. They can cut the oppoment in 1000 Spots. Ground Style: Vine Claw Jutsu turns Towa's arm into vines that can tie up the oppoment then turn into Claws, stabbing the oppoment everywhere.

He is also profiecnt with both Wind and Fire Styles. In Wind Style: Tornado Buster, Towa turns into a Tornado and Spins the oppoment 1000 M away from him. Fire Style: Fire Flame Bomb, Towa shoots a Fire Ball Which is 10x bigger than fire ball from the Uchiha clan.

Towa can also team up with Riku to perform Tag Team Riwu. Riku Ties the oppoment in rope thats covered in Paper Bombs And Oli while Towa shoots a Spark of Fire the oppoment explodes.

Towa can also use Seal of 10. The 10 seals are what Naruto's seal is like but more powerful.

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